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In this decimals to fractions category you can find our posts containing the conversions of certain decimal numbers to fractions, for both, terminating as well as non-terminating, repeating decimals. Once we have obtained the fractional form of a number, when then check if it is simplest form, and, if not, we bring the quotient to the simplest form, along with the explanations of the steps involved. In every article when then show you what happens if both, the nominator as well as the denominator of a fractions in lowest terms are multiplied by an integer. Every posts also informs you where you can find further, general infos about decimals to fractions conversion methods, and a comment form gives you the opportunity to ask us relevant questions. Each post also contains a state-of-the art decimal to fraction calculator which converts a number while you type. BTW: To locate a specific conversion in this category quickly, fill in the search form in the sidebar.